About Us

Land O' Lincoln Golden Retriever Club
Mission Statement

The Land O' Lincoln Golden Retriever Club is dedicated to the ethical and quality breeding of Golden Retrievers as they should be...healthy, intelligent gun dogs that may also serve as loving and loyal family companions.

The Land O' Lincoln Golden Retriever Club is committed to the well-being of the purebred Golden Retriever.  Our goal is to educate the public about this beautiful and loving breed.  We pledge to:

1.  Encourage and promote conscientious and ethical breeding of quality purebred Golden Retrievers.

2.  To provide avenues for Golden Retrievers and their owners to perform in events in which the Golden Retriever excels.

3.  Encourage and promote good sportsmanship-like conduct at all Golden Retriever Events.

4.  To educate the public...especially those who are considering adding a Golden Retriever to the family...about the Golden Retriever breed.


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