For information on obtaining a puppy, please contact the breeders directly.

Willo-B-Woods Golden Retrievers
Susan Willoughby
Telephone: 847-735-0278 or 847-921-8459
Lake Forest, IL

Grasslands Golden Retrievers
Suzanne Hemminger
Telephone: 815-478-0131
Peotone, IL

The Land O' Lincoln Golden Retriever Club neither recommends nor assumes responsibility or liability for Golden Retrievers purchased from any breeder on this list.  The breeders listed here are members of Land O' Lincoln Golden Retriever Club and agree to the Golden Retriever Club of America's Code of Ethics.  They are listed here for educational purposes.

 Breeder Referral

What to look for in a breeder (Taken from The Whole Dog Journal, April 2009)\


“Responsible breeders…..The list of qualities to look for in a breeder is long, but some of the most important are:


*Breeds mentally and physically healthy, genetically sound puppies.

*Socializes the puppies well to a variety of places and things as well as people.

*Breeds no more puppies than she can find homes for.

*Requires spay/neuter for all puppies not destined for the show ring.

*Screens prospective puppy homes carefully and only sells to appropriate private-home buyers who can provide lifelong loving care.

*Allows buyers to meet the mother of the puppies, and the father too, if he’s on the premises.

*Educates buyers about needs of dogs in general and the specific breed in particular.  Will not sell a puppy to a person with unrealistic expectations of the breed.

*Provides follow-up to be sure the pups are doing well and keeps in touch with owner for the life of the dog.

*Provides resources and support for owners who are having problems with their dogs.

*Takes back dogs who were sold any time, for any reason, for the life of the dog.”


“Responsible breeders never:


*Sell puppies to pet stores.

*Sell sight unseen over the Internet.  (They may have a website but actual sales are personal, and the breeder should want to meet the buyer and have the buyer meet the puppy.)

*Meet you halfway and sell you the puppy out of a truck.

*Prevent you from seeing the conditions under which the puppies are raised.”


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